Starting A Web Development Project

Get All the Requirements

  • Objective & Scope - Be complexly clear on ALL the requirements of a project.

    • Am I going to build the entire application?

    • Who will be deploying the website?

    • What features are going to be included?

    • Do you already have a design or who is it up?

    • Who will be adding the content?

  • Purpose - To help with crafting certain aspects and features to make app or website successful.

    • Is it to sell something?

  • Target Audience

    • What age group are you targeting?

    • Who will be using this app?

  • Technology Requirements / API

    • What Programming language/stacks do you use?

  • Budget (Document EVERYTHING) - Make sure all costs are known before doing any work for a client. GET SIGNATURE FROM CLIENT!

  • Deployment

Create Timeline

  • Carefully established a timeline based on project being created.

  • Document your timeline/tasks.

  • For clients, always tell them longer than you think

Wire-framing & Mock-up Jobs

  • Know what the final result will look like.

  • Create wire-frames or mock-ups using PS, Sketch, etc..

  • What components will go where?

  • Send for approval before coding anything.

Start Coding

  • Setup your dev environment

  • Research other projects that are similar

  • Set up a Git repo with branches

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