Login as ROOT user

  • sudo -u postgres -i

Creating a PostgreSQL Database

Step 1: Login as the Postgres User

su - postgres

Step 2: Enter the PostgreSQL Environment


With the psql command, you’ll be greeted by its current version and command prompt.

psql (9.5.14) Type "help" for help. postgres=#

Step 3: Creating the PostgreSQL Database

Let’s create our first database by typing in the command below. Replace dbname with the database name of your choice.


Listing a PostgreSQL Database

Verify Creation of PostgreSQL Database

Using the following command allows us to view the databases in our PostgreSQL instance (you can ignore, delete or utilize the default databases: postgres, template0, template1)

postgres=# \list

Deleting a PostgreSQL Database

Once you’ve backed up your removing your PostgreSQL database is a cinch! Its similar to creating a database but we will be using the drop command. In my command line example, the database name is “dbname”. By using the list command in the previous section, you’ll be able to view your databases’ names. Replace dbname with your database’s name in the command below.


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