This is my gitbook, there are many like it but this one is mine.


Hi there! My name is Joseph Hyatt and this is a list of everything I found to be useful. It covers a wide verity of topics, and overall is what I use as a reference when the time is needed. Hope it helps you out as well. Feel free to add or edit anything you find useful.

A little about me..

My current skill set consists of C++, JavaScript, Ruby/Rails, Node.js, and starting to learn Python. I'm currently in school to obtain a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. I'm a freelance web developer/programmer and I believe in hard work and sharing what I know. I take challenges as inspiration while always looking for improvements.

On my off time, I enjoy researching new technologies coming out to stay ahead of the learning curve. When I get a case of “Coder’s Block” I ‘ll take my dog “Dooko” out for walks, go out to eat, drink coffee (lot’s of coffee!) and travel to new places. That is one of the great benefits of coding, you can do it anywhere as long as the internet connection isn’t too weak. I also like to get some gaming in while I can. Big PUBG fan (on PC of course), message me if you feel like putting your skills to the test!

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